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Paul Chelko, Painter
A world renowned artist with a variety of skills, focusing on abstract and ultra-realism paintings and commissioned portraits.

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Paul Chelko has been painting for over forty years. Born in Great Britain he has exhibited his work throughout the world and has received numerous awards for his paintings and drawings. Educated in Scotland and England with emphasis primarily on literature, music and the visual arts, his work of the past decade has seen an exciting diversity of form emerge that includes abstract painting, ultra realism, performance art, music, poetry and film.

As a poet and painter he has worked with some of the world's leading avante garde musicians and composers. Artists such as Jonas Hellbourg, Danny Gottlieb, Ingrid Frauchinger and Michael Joseph Smith. See Swedish composer Michael Joseph Smith's recent European album FACES a DAY EIGHT MUSIC production, featuring Smiths music, one of Chelko's paintings and a dramatic reading by Chelko of his poem GENESIS. As a member of B.M.I. Chelko continues to write poetry and give readings. His poetry can be obtained here in the USA on limited edition tapes and in hand made books.

As one of only a few artists from the late 1950's still active in Atlanta today, and as a former art critic with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chelko is recognized as being one of a small group of people who helped pioneer Atlanta's no thriving art scene. His work over the years has been included in many regional and national exhibitions that have toured the country, and hi paintings and drawings have been shown in galleries and museums ranging from the The High Museum of Art in Atlanta to the The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. He has taught and lectured extensively throughout the country and in Georgia has been a guest lecturer and visiting professor of art at Wesleyan College in Macon for The Governor's Honor Program. He has also taught at Emory University, The Quinlan Art Center and Massey Junior College.

As a former member of The White House Art in the Embassies Program Chelko was recently appointed the official artist for The Annual National Charity Awards Banquet in Washington, D.C. This event, the largest of its kind in the country, is the only one sponsored directly through The White House and hosted by the President and First Lady of the United States.

Throughout his career Chelko has completed numerous public works that include murals for The Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans and the original Celebrity Lounge in Atlanta's Coach and Six Restaurant. Commissioned in 1990 to paint the official portrait of Mayor Maynard Jackson, Chelko is now offering commissioned portraiture on a very limited basis. In 1992 his paintings and drawings were featured in the motion picture FREEJACK with Mick Jagger and Emilio Estevez and in 1993 he was selected to do the artwork for Capitol Records' release of their NEW VERSION OF SOUL (birth of Souladelic) CD and album.

Since 1990 and in association with JAPAN ART PUBLISHING COMPANY LTD and WASHINGTON GREEN FINE ART PUBLISHING COMPANY LTD. of Birmingham, England his work has been exhibited internationally in such venues as:

- THE TOKYO ART EXPO, Tokyo, Japan.
- THE PARIS BIENNIAL, Paris, France.

In 1992 Chelko's work was selected by VONTOBEL FINE ART PUBLISHING HOUSE of Switzerland for reproduction as a series of greeting cards that are now distributed and sold in museum shops throughout the world.

Chelko's awards include:

The Top Merit Award from The National Society of Painters in Casein, New York City
The Grumbacher National Award for Experimental work in Polymer, New York City
The Grumbacher National Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts, N.Y.C.
Top Award Atlanta Watercolor Society
Best in Show Nantucket Art Association Annual Graphic Award, Nantucket, Mass.
First Prize High Museum of Art Stained Glass Competition, Atlanta, Georgia.

After leaving Atlanta in the early 1970's to live for many years in Coral Gables, Florida, Nantucket, Mass., and New York City. While in New York City he exhibited and was associated with The Haller Gallery and Selected Artists Gallery on Madison Avenue.

During the past two years his artwork has been seen across the country on wine labels, CD's, logos, posters, magazine covers, book jackets and greeting cards. His abstract painting has expanded to include a sample line of hand painted furniture, painted vases and other objects d'art. He also is the creator and designer of a line of wearable art, and exciting array of painted clothing that runs the gamut from casual jean wear to custom evening jackets and formal wear accessories for men and women.

Recently adding portraiture to his oeuvre, Chelko has completed an impressive number of commissioned portraits that cover a broad spectrum of subjects ranging from well-known political figures to entertainers and celebrities. Currently working on a new series of realistic drawings combined with several of his short stories, Chelko continues to bring these two art forms together in a powerful and unique way.

Recently he has begun a series of original limited edition one of a kind books that feature his line drawings and his poetry and is also in the process of completing a book entitled Conversations Straight from the Heart, a man's journey through cancer and through life.

Plans for the next two years include the completion of numerous commissioned works and exhibitions of his abstract paintings and realistic drawings in various venues throughout the U.S.A. Chelko and his wife Debbie line in the Buckhead section of Atlanta, Georgia. Together they are forming a foundation that is committed to ending death by cancer by the year 2005.


Lady Rieko Kawasaki
The Late Lady Beatrice Peale
Ms. Isabella Rossellini
The Late Mr. Frank Sinatra
The Late Mr. Vincent Price
The Late Mr. Joe Layton
Ms. Arlene Francis
Ms. Lucine Amara
Ms. Oprah Winfrey
Ms. Pia Zadora
Ms. Coretta Scott King
Mr. Dexter King
Mr. Phil Jones
Mr. Ted Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Grodin
Former Governor and Mrs. Joe Frank Harris
Brigadier General and Mrs. Zeb Bradford
Former Mayor Maynard Jackson, Atlanta
Senator Max Cleland
The Late Henry Ford III
Ms. Fiona Thorpe, Royal Society of Art, London
Mr. Michael J. Smith, composer/pianist, Sweden
Mr. Joel Katz
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Gross
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Halpern
Dr. & Mrs. Neil Gladstone
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Goldstein
Dr. & Mrs. David Garber
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Balch
Dr. John Hartley
Dr. & Mrs. William Silver
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