When your award winners take home their trophies they'll want to display them with pride. That's why every trophy we create is special -- no matter how many or few we pour.

You see, as our name implies, Fine Arts Sculpture Centre is not just another mass-production foundry. We work with sculptors on their personal art projects, where perfection is a constant demand. That continuous dedication to perfection comes out in all we do, whether it's a larger-than-life work of art or a special award for the desktop. It begins with the material we use -- 100% pure silicon bronze ingot, direct from the smelter for total quality control. It extends from the initial creative design through the original model and mold, to the casting, finishing, and shipment of the completed product. So whether it's an adaptation of an existing idea or a new commissioned design, your award will receive the same attention to detail that we are known for throughout America.

Fine Arts is equally at home with limited editions or open runs, small or large castings, large quantities or small. We even repair existing castings.

As a valued client, we offer you the same simple promise we give our fine-art clientele: Satisfaction guaranteed. Period. It's a guarantee cast in bronze.

Loxahatchee Turtle "Since the inception of our men's member-guest event, the highlight tournament of our golf season, the unique green patina bronze trophies provided us by Fine Arts Sculpture Centre have been highly prized by the winners. Most of them tell us the primary reason they play year after year is to have the opportunity to win one of these prestigious pieces"

Kurt Kuebler
The Loxahatchee Club
Jupiter, Florida

WHISTLER "Thank you for over 25 years of outstanding artist work on our Whistler and Sun Dial trophies. I believe we were one of the first clubs to use bronze castings as tournament trophies and will continue the tradition. Our winners hold their trophies as prize possessions."

Gerald E. Miller
Detroit Golf Club
Detroit, Michigan

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