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Clothing and French Culture I try to avoid stereotypes,stereotypes, cheap authentic Thunder jerseys free shipping but the fact is that the French usually dress well. Obviously, I'm not suggesting that they wander around all day in ball gowns and tuxedos, but most people in cities wear what you might call "business casual" attire, even just when shopping or walking in the park. Other than on tourists, there are no T shirts with silly logos or ripped jeans, and sweatpantssweatpants cheap Thunder wholesale jerseys areare Thunder jerseys 2014 non existent outside of gyms.gyms. Thunder jerseys for sale (And even at the gym, sweatpants always look brand new and stylish, rather than sloppy and comfortable.) There's another FrenchFrench new Thunder jerseys clothing stereotype that is much more specific, though actual sightings are very rare: the classic image of a Frenchman on a bike, wearing a striped shirt and beret, with a string of onions around his neck or over the handlebars, usually with a baguette in hand and/or a clope clenched between his teeth. Some people believe that this is a typically French outfit, but it is actually limited to the farmers from Bretagne that used to sell onions door to door. Nicknamed "Onion Johnny" or, in French, simply Johnny, these farmers are all but extinct. I've traveled all over France, including along the entire coast of Bretagne, but I've never seen an Onion Johnny outside of a photograph. I asked a French friend who currently lives in Bretagne if she might be able to take a picture for me, and she responded that she'd never heard of Johnny, much less seen him. And yet there is a museum dedicated to this French cultural icon: la Maison des Johnnies in Roscoff, France. So is there any truth to the striped shirt and beret stereotype? Certainly, striped shirts are classic for both men and women, but berets are few and far between these days. The French are great cyclists and eat lots of baguettes, but you're unlikely to see strings of onions outside of the march and smoking is less and less popular. Bottom line, you'll definitely see people wearing striped shirts, and some of them might be riding bikes and holding baguettes, but Onion Johnny is nowhere to be found. Nevertheless, the stereotype persists and some or all of its components would make a great Halloween costume, especially if you have a fake French accent to go with it. Learn French at About Free French LessonsFrance Travel, Understanding French Culture ArticlesHow To Make Toasted Croutons: Step By Step Tutorial With PhotosCamping Recipe French OnionHow to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist Embracing French Culture and Ways to .
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