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Channing Tatum takes on McConaughey on 'SNL' By Brandi Fowler, E! Online It really wouldn't have been proper for Channing Tatum to host "Saturday Night Live" and not take off his shirt, right? "The Vow" star, who hosted the late night laugher for thethe authentic Raptors jersey first time, did just that, starting the show by ripping off his button down and basically appearing half naked throughout the majority of the skits he was in for the rest of the show. And we havehave cheap Raptors jerseys china free shipping to admit, that was not a bad thing. MORE: Saturday Night Live Casualty: Paul Brittain, aka "Sex" Ed Vincent, Exits "It is such an honor to be on this stage, especially considering my first job in show business was as a male stripper," Tatum said in his opening monologue. "That may sound like a joke but I really was a stripper for a year before I became an actor. The only reason I'm hosting this show is to put myself through nursing school. Three, for my safety, Big Ronnie (Keenan Thompson) here will be with me all night long. I'm not ashamed of mymy womens Raptors jersey past. I love stripping, I love my customers." After pointing out a few women and men in the crowd that he'd given lap dances to, including Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig, Tatum treated the audience to some hip thrusting and butt popping . and tore open his shirt. And that was justjust Raptors jersey for kids the beginning of Tatum's strip downs. MORE: Lana Del Rey and Five More Not Ready for Saturday Night Live Players? In "Strip Club," Tatum who plays a stripper in the upcoming flick Magic Mike, hit the Bongos strip club stage as "Knick ers Wet," whipping off his shirt and gyrating on the floor in Timberland boots. And while Tatum also took on a wacky trainer in " Exercise Commercial," and managed toto cheap Raptors jerseys free shipping keep his clothes on when he played a traumatized astronaut in "Secret Word" and a stiff sportscaster in " NBC Football Promo," the 31 year old thesp really shined in " Getting Freaky with Cee Lo, " where he gave a spot on impression of Magic Mike costar Matthew McConaughney (did we mention he played a pair of bongos strapped over gold lame booty shorts?). "You came over to my cabana and we went skinny dipping in the moonlight and I looked like a golden God," McConaughey/Tatum said in a sit down with talk show host Cee Lo (Keenan Thompson). "We waded in the water and we let tiny fish nibble on us until we lost all our body hair." MORE: Daniel Radcliffe Smooches a Few Hobos, Takes on a Futuristic Harry Potter on Saturday Night Live
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