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Casino would be jackpot for Toronto TORONTO A casino at Ontario PlacePlace wholesale Mavericks cheap jerseys could be a half a billion dollar jackpot for the City of Toronto's 2013 budget, Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti said Friday. "While it might take a few years to get adopted and built, we can easily put a ship down there with a casino, we can do that tomorrow and make the revenue as easily with a ship in the harbour by Ontario Place," Mammoliti said. The councillor made the comments the same day The Globe and Mail reported that Ontario's lottery corporation is pushing for a casino in downtown Toronto, possibly at Ontario Place, to help raise government revenue. Although thethe cheap chinese Mavericks jerseys casino decision would rest with provincial officials, the city would still have to give its blessing. Mammoliti said he'll be speaking with Mayor Rob Ford's administration about whether now would be a good time to have council debate the issue. Bringing a casino to Toronto was a key plank in Mammoliti's aborted 2010 mayoral campaign. "We need the money," Mammoliti said. "There could be about $5 million (in revenue) a year to this city." He argues the city should have hit the jackpot with a casino a long time ago. "The problem is there are many councillors on council who don't like to gamble at all and aren't even willing to look at the revenue associated to it," he said. "They would rather our gambling addicts go to Niagara Falls or Barrie to do their gambling. "But they are still our addicts, they still like to gamble and we're losing a tonne of money in the City of Toronto because the revenue is going elsewhere." In response to critics who warn a casino would bring social problems, Mammoliti said the temporary nature of a casino ship would allow the city to experiment withoutwithout cheap Mavericks authentic jerseys a major infrastructure investment. "Give it a run, let's see how bad the social problemsproblems cheap china Mavericks jerseys free shipping actually are and if we all agree that they are bad, then we just have the ship sail away," he said. Coun. Janet Davis said Mammoliti's "always had this pipe dream." "Is he going to put it inin official Mavericks jersey the red light district?" she said, referencing another of Mammoliti's past suggestions. Davis argued a casino has been "rejected by the people of Toronto." "We'll just see how real this foray is this time," she said. Davis said Mammoliti may have run on a mayoral platform to install a casino "but the mayor didn't." "And I don't believe any other councillor did, so it is a bit of a long shot," she said. Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan's office issued a statement in response to the casino chatter. "The province does not plan on making a decision until it receives the land based gaming review or report from the Lottery Corp.," the statement reads. "Without a specific proposal, this is all just speculation." Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said she doesn't think it is a "good idea" to turn to a Toronto casino as a "panacea" for the province's budget problems.
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